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07-Oct-2016 08:45

The men have two other fascinating things going on: an interest in telling you about their sense of humor (i’m a funny guy, very funny, outgoing and funny, etc.) and an interest in industrial strength ass-kicking (mma, ufc, boxing, marines, etc.) Basically, if a Latin dude tells you a joke, you should laugh.Latinas’ interests are fairly typical for a dating site: you got friends, career, education, movies, music, a few physical details, and, oh yeah…morbid fear.

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It’s also interesting that Asian men very often mention their specific heritage (taiwan, korea, singapore, vietnam, china) while Asian women don’t.

If I had to choose over-arching themes for white people’s lists, for men, I’d go with “frat house” and for women, “escapism.” Whether one begot the other is a question I’ll leave to the reader.

Hopefully it’s been obvious that the font-size of a phrase indicates the relative frequency with which it appears.

I just believe it’s hypocrisy to say ‘one group can do this, but another can’t,” he said in the interview.

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How are whites, blacks, Asians, or whoever different from everybody else?These are big questions, and here’s how we answered them.