What is speed dating questions

28-Jan-2016 01:24

Pick your outfit out the night before also, so that you can easily get yourself dressed and ready to go without being late to the speed dating event.

Be sure to dress yourself nice because statistics show that when speed dating people usually make their decision in the first three minutes.

Remember that you too will be asked a wide array of questions throughout the night, so take some time the night before the event to consider what some of your answers will be when asked.Know the questions that you want to ask to each of the people that you meet.You should write your questions down on a card just in case you forget them.Know What Is Important Before you start making your list of question, you should ask yourself what is important to you.

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Your time is limited to about five or ten minutes and half of that time will be your partner asking you questions, so you really have to hit on your most important questions early on.

If any particular characteristics are important to you than be sure to put them on your list of questions.

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