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28-Mar-2016 02:00

We all know the feeling of wanting privacy and space when we aren’t feeling well, so it must be pretty tough to have to live with a chronic illness while being in the public eye. Read about these 15 celebrities who soldier on through sickness and live their dreams like true superstars anyway!The Hadids are just about giving the Kardashians and the Jenners a run for their money when it comes to famous Hollywood families.Mama and Papa Hadid were famous in their own right back in the day, but their three supermodel children, Gigi, Bella, and Anwar, are showing off the Hadid genes to a whole new generation!This family has accomplished so much that you’d never guess that three of them suffer from Lyme disease.When I’ve watched porn with older guys, they’re always much more into the ’70s porn where women have big bushes and there’s loads more oral sex – the women actually look like they’re having a good time. With older guys we stick to the tried and tested positions – and the sex is actually better for it because I can relax and concentrate on the task at hand (having an intense orgasm – thanks).

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I find it genuinely bizarre that having sex with a man 20 years older than you is still taboo.I don’t want to be with a guy who looks at my boobs like we’re on the back of a school bus in 1997 and I’m showing him my sweaty Calvin Klein bra to win a bet with Hannah from my maths class.It’s weird, and it makes me feel like he’s not in control. They tend not to jump into bed with you if they’re not interested in a relationship of some sort – unlike guys in their twenties.The disease even forced Bella to give up her Olympic dream in 2016.

Lyme disease is terrible to live with, but the Hadids prove that you can still have an ultra-successful and happy life after diagnosis.Selena Gomez revealed to her millions of fans in 2013 that she had been diagnosed with lupus.

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