Thunderbird not updating

05-Feb-2016 12:19

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Should you ever change your email provider's password -- or if you inadvertently entered and saved an incorrect password -- you'll need to reset the password in Thunderbird.

The only way to do this is to delete it in the Password Manager and enter a new one when prompted.

However, the foundation has the option to pull the plug with six months' notice if the Thunderbird project does not make "meaningful progress in short order" in creating technical infrastructure that's independent of Mozilla Corporation's. Microsoft says dialing back Adobe Flash in Edge in the Windows 10 Creators Update has made it the most energy-efficient browser of all.

The decision was announced on Mozilla's Thunderbird blog yesterday. Read More The 13-year-old Thunderbird never got close to Firefox's popularity.

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Mozilla's open-source, cross-platform email client, Thunderbird, is a popular alternative to Microsoft's Outlook and a favorite of many small businesses.

Still, until Thunderbird could feasibly separate, Mozilla agreed to help the project accept donations and distribute funds as a fiscal sponsor.

Mozilla's fiscal sponsorship of Thunderbird continued during last year's review, while the Thunderbird project kicked off a fund-raising campaign that delivered a strong enough revenue steam to migrate from Mozilla's infrastructure as well as hire staff, according to Philipp Kewisch, a member of the Thunderbird Council."We were able to establish a financial home at the Mozilla Foundation.

This week's decision follows a review last year that explored new homes for Thunderbird at the Software Freedom Conservancy or the Document Foundation, the developers of Libre Office, as well as a third option to establish an independent Thunderbird Foundation.

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Mozilla Corporation and Mozilla Foundation executive chairwoman Mitchell Baker in late 2015 flagged the organization's desire to "disentangle" Thunderbird's and Mozilla's shared infrastructure.

Instead, the software will prompt for a password the first time it needs one.