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18-Jan-2017 17:07

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Although this figure is officially denied, it is believed in Shia Muslim Iran, which has lost hundreds of its citizens on the Hajj.

Among them was Ghazanfar Roknabadi, a former ambassador and intelligence officer in Lebanon.

According to Khamenei, Saudi rulers “have plunged the world of Islam into civil wars”.

Saudi Arabia – dubbed the Sunni kingdom – is ruled by a Sunni monarchy, with 90 per cent of its population adopting the same faith.

But 95 per cent of the Islamic Public of Iran belongs to the Shia branch.

The Saudis step deeper into trouble almost by the week.

Swamped in their ridiculous war in Yemen, they are now reeling from an extraordinary statement issued by around two hundred Sunni Muslim clerics who effectively referred to the Wahhabi belief – practiced in Saudi Arabia – as “a dangerous deformation” of Sunni Islam.That Chechenya, a country of monstrous bloodletting by Russia and its own Wahhabi rebels, should have been chosen as a venue for such a remarkable conclave was an irony which could not have been lost on the delegates.