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The directing debut of Mic-go Ngan intrigues initially with its eloquent evocation of that social milieu’s underbelly – before surrendering to moral clichés and ending on an embarrassing note of narrative incompetence. The Founding of an Army This episodic war thriller by Andrew Lau Wai-keung is made to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the founding of communist China’s armed forces.It’s just too bad the director forgoes the humanistic sensibility of most contemporary war films, instead shifting attention from the suffering of individual soldiers to the party’s commitment to the revolutionary course. The Adventurers Titles of action adventure films don’t come more generic than that of – even if it proves an apt representation of Stephen Fung Tak-lun’s glossy yet unapologetically superficial caper.Clarissa was new to New York and hadn"t had sex in weeks.After several dates with a man, he misses her signals.Wife was raped while on vacation, however she then became the mistress of the rapist and performed every sex act imaginable with him.Including allowing him to screw her without a rubber and letting him cum in her...

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But while his character’s daydreams often amuse, viewers new to writer-producer Patrick Kong Pak-leung’s lamentable gender politics may be shocked to find women portrayed either as mentally unstable, schemers, gold-diggers or sex objects straight out of a porn film. Our Days in 6E A very didactic reminder of the importance of social inclusion, this filmmaking debut by Checkley Sin Kwok-lam follows several problem students from a Band Three secondary school in a new town as they learn to overcome their respective family traumas.But while a few industry veterans turned out mediocre efforts that proved very forgettable (we regret missing out on a few of those, which received so little publicity and did so poorly in the box office that they almost instantly vanished from cinemas after their first screenings), the silver lining of the year has to be the steady emergence of new filmmakers with refreshing perspectives and passion to spare.Read also: The 25 best films of 2017 released in Hong Kong, from Thor: Ragnarok to Blade Runner 2049 The 25 worst films of 2017 released in Hong Kong, from The Founding of an Army to The Emoji Movie And while several of them are ranked high on our list, the top spot of this year’s list is, perhaps unsurprisingly, courtesy of one of the last true masters of Hong Kong cinema.Still, it’s interesting to interpret the possible political message behind Kwok’s story, essentially about an anarchic revolt against the faceless foot soldiers of a self-serving and authoritarian regime. The Sleep Curse Anthony Wong Chau-sang gives director Herman Yau just the raving madman he needs by reviving the cult horror brand they owned with , which only snaps back to life with an avalanche of decapitation, mutilation and cannibalism in its last reel. Ghost Net A Hong Kong horror anthology characterised as much by its interesting premises as its dedicated cast of sexy young models, comprises three diverting – if also largely throwaway – slices of stylised terror with varying degrees of success.

While it is a mixed bag, the film knows its audience and does just enough to entertain. Never Too Late Writer-director-producer Patrick Kong cast Alex Fong Lik-sun in his most pathetic role yet, as an incredibly masochistic boyfriend.Some set pieces show touches of the old flair, but Hong Kong audiences will find they have seen it all before, and seen it done better. 77 Heartbreaks An obnoxious man-child (Pakho Chau Pak-ho) learns retrospectively about his ex-girlfriend’s (Charlene Choi Cheuk-yin) grievances in this romantic drama by the prolific duo of director Herman Yau Lai-to and screenwriter Erica Li Man.