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The following is a retranslation into English of a German-to-Polish translation by Tomasz Pryll of an article from a 1929 issue of Der Wanderer im Riesenbegirge. In the Alps and the German Central Uplands (Středohoří, Mittelgebirge), one can hear very odd legends, according to which, mysterious strangers from Italy professionally and expertly extricated treasures from the mountains, and by using magic incantations, secretly sent them to their country in the south.These Italian prospectors for gold and precious stones are commonly known as the Venetians [Venediger], whereas in the Fichtel Mountains (Fichtelgebirge), the Ore Mountains (Erzgebirge) as well as the Giant Mountains [Riesengebirge, Karkonosze] and the Wolf Mountains [Isergebirge, Góry Izerskie] they are called the Weals ([Welsche]).As early as 1588 Simon Hüttel, the chronicler of Trutenau (Trutnov), saw Weal signs in the Giant Mountains when, with three companions, he was trying to identify former gold mines in Pfaffenwald: “We found numerous shafts, crosses, and signs, as well as a beech tree with the date (year) MD2 [1502] carved in its bark, and next to it a large hand, pointing to the east, carved in a fir tree; there is also a sign there of a hammer and pickaxe.” It is quite likely that these signs can be traced back to the Meisen miners who in 1511 “began boring through rock in Hoppenberg (Šibeniční vrch)” near Trutnov a “shaft that was later called a gold mine.” Thus the Weals emerge from the deep shadow of legends and folk tales and begin to function as historical figures.In 1563 a man from Italy is trekking through the mountains.Spotyka się z Marcelem (Charles Michael Davis) posiadającym całkowitą kontrolę nad mieszkańcami.Dowiaduję się także, że Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) przebywa we francuskiej dzielnicy, poszukując wskazówek dotyczących historii jej rodziny.Stories about the Weals from the Giant and Wolf Mountains have been collected and published by Robert Cogho [Die Walen oder Venediger im Riesengebirge, 1898], Prof Dr.Richard Kühnau [Schlesische Sagen, Elben-, Dämonen- und Teufelsagen], or Will-Erich Peuckert [Volkssagen aus dem Riesen- und Iser-Gebirge, 1967].

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This block of rock with a carved image of an outstretched hand is currently in the collection of the Jelenia Góra museum, which acquired it courtesy of Privy Councillor Dr.He is Petrus Andreas Matthiolus (1507-1577), a doctor from Siena, in search here for healing plants.In his case the name “Weal” [Wale], denoting all strangers, acquires its original meaning, and stories about the Italians turn out to contain a grain of truth.Seydel in 1901 when the Forks were partially blown up due to the construction of a railway.

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Weal signs have also been found by Cogho, Regell, Loewig, and recently also by Peuckert.Opowieść o najstarszej rodzinie wampirów na świecie, która zobowiązała się przed wiekami pozostać na zawsze razem.