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[quote]That's when Patti Stanger first tried to quip with Ryan Reynolds about the "Millionaire Matchmaker" portrayal his wife, Scarlett Johansson, recently presented on "SNL." But when the Scarlett squabble died down, Patti Stanger reportedly turned her attention to Sandra Bullock and asked kindly whether Bullock would care for Patti's help finding a new fella, now that she's a free bird from philandering Jesse James. Now he's "playing the field" getting pictured with hot young models. I think it is possible that Ryan Reynolds is gay or bisexual. We weren't invited to an afterparty or anything, but we did walk thru the main door and hang in the lobby with the VIPs for a few minutes. Ryan Reynolds is so ordinary you could stand right next to him and not even realize it. He was talking to some people in his party, and his regular voice and manner of expression gives definition to "A purse fell out pof his mouth." Ah r35, I've worked with Rich and Ryan separately.

[quote]It's said Sandy started laughing and said, "I'm good now."i've got 2 agree there, tom welling looks hot on tv and everything, but it all goes to pot in the off-season, he gets fat and wears the dirtiest clothes, kinda ruins the fantasy. I think Scarlett genuinely liked him and thought it might work. However, what straight OR gay man travels across country several times within the span of a few months to spend his free time with a platonic friend? It's not like he is Will Truman and needs Grace Adler as company because he is lonely. " talk amongst the crew, but there was plenty of it for Rich. I worked with Rich when he was dating Tiffani and could've have sworn he was gay, and he is a diva. He's starting to resemble Tom Ford for some reason.

[quote]In October 2009, Johansson put in a surprise "SNL" appearance when Reynolds was the show's guest host.

Though we hear producers were interested in having the upcoming "Green Lantern" star make a similar cameo, Reynolds declined, saying he planned to attend the Michael J.

[quote]Word has it that last weekend, both Sandra Bullock and Patti Stanger were there, as Sandy entertained her co-star from "The Proposal," Ryan Reynolds (sources speculate it was a congrats dinner for his Sexiest Man Alive 2010 title from "People" last week). He is a good looking man in an average sort of way. I don't think that Ryan and Sandra were having an affair, though.

[quote]It's not clear whether Patti Stanger was alone or with pals, but when the Millionaire Matchmaker saw Bullock and Reynolds seated in a dimly-lit spot, she approached their table. I see dozens of guys every bit as hot, mostly hotter than him at clubs every week in NYC. If he was my next door neighbor I might get excited to have a hot neighbor. He and Scarlett probably were finished for almost a year before they made the separation public. he'd drive her nuts so she'd sing "Beat on the Brat" by the Ramones..."beat on the brat, beat on the brat, beat on the brat with a baseball bat oh yeah..."As goofy, ill-fitting, cheap and poorly-worn as that suit is on him, it seems to be the "look" which is emerging. Also, these new suits seem to look far better on men who aren't athletically built. I was someone's guest at a screening of his movie with Bullock.

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US WEEKLY - October 2010 [quote]Still, Bullock is set to reunite with Ryan Reynolds, her costar from 2009's The Proposal, in the upcoming comedy Most Wanted.THE NEW YORK DAILY NEWS [quote]Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson Marriage Troubles?!

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