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“There were so many variations on how it was going to end, so many different ways, and it just ended up being very simple.” And you won’t hear any complaints from Mal’s portrayer Dove Cameron, who calls it the “best ending” possible.“Kenny and I talked about it the night we shot it,” she recalls.When the sniper demonstrates he is real by shooting a pimp near the booth the police arrives and thinks Stu is the shooter. Ramey (Forest Whitaker) slowly understands things are not as they seem.Colin Farrell who is in almost every scene is great.“We begin with Mal welcoming us into her story, and Mal’s story isn’t over — there’s a bigger story.Whether we get to do a sequel or not, that’s in the hands of the audience, but Mal’s story is definitely bigger.” “It’s funny how simple it ended up being,” adds Booboo Stewart, who plays Jay, the son of Aladdin’s nemesis Jafar.Scenes are not dragged to make the movie as long as most movies and therefor it doesn't get boring.

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The voice of the sniper (Kiefer Sutherland) is also perfect for the movie.When realizing it is not a joke, Stu is placed in a powerful mind game of wits and corruption.