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“He came out and walked up to me and said, ‘How could you do this to me? “Bob asked me, ‘Why can’t you be like Corey Fischer? You tell me what you want to do and that’s what I’ll do.’ He apologized and I accepted.” But his attitude towards him has since then been sky-high. ” he says, referring to one of the cast members, who had been in The Committee, a noted improvisational group from San Francisco. It was one of the worst things anyone could ever say to me.

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It really rubs off on the people who live there and perform there. RA: I also try not to make all my films in Canada, and create that city that doesn’t exist anywhere.

But we never left — we had two locations: a diner, which we shot in one night, and the rest of the time was all in the Fitzgerald Theater. Paul, because it’s a novelty to them, and they’re all very nice when you go to those small towns and small venues.