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Then began a career of astonishing ascendancy which took him through Hertz, where he was in charge of car and commercial leasing, to the record division of RCA, where he signed such high-earning acts as Menudo, the Eurythmics, and Duran Duran.By this time he and Kitty had had two sons and settled down to a graceful life on a million-dollar estate in Princeton, New Jersey.In 1986, Oscar Salvatierra, the Los Angeles–based executive of a newspaper called was shot while he was asleep in bed, after having received a death threat that was at first believed to be tied to the newspaper’s opposition to former Philippine president Ferdinand Marcos.Later, Arnel Salvatierra, his seventeen-year-old son, admitted sending the letter and killing his father.On a recent New York–to–Los Angeles trip on MGM Grand Air, that most luxurious of all coast-to-coast flights, I was chilled to the bone marrow during a brief encounter with a fellow passenger, a boy of perhaps fourteen, or fifteen, or maybe even sixteen, who lounged restlessly in a sprawled-out fashion, arms and legs akimbo, avidly reading racing-car magazines, chewing gum, and beating time to the music on his Walkman.Although I rarely engage in conversations with strangers on airplanes, I always have a certain curiosity to know who everyone is on MGM Grand Air, which I imagine is a bit like the Orient Express in its heyday.

He earned a degree in accounting at Queens College in Flushing, New York, while working part-time as a dishwasher at the swank “21” Club in Manhattan, where, later, successful and prosperous, he would often dine.

“Hallelujah,” muttered Michael Miller after the verdict.

He was sent to Patton State Hospital, a mental institution in California.

His carry-on luggage was expensive, filled with audiotapes, playing cards, and more magazines. A week before, two rich and privileged young men named Lyle and Erik Menendez had been arrested for the brutal slaying of their parents in the family’s million mansion on Elm Drive, a sedate tree-lined street that is considered one of the most prestigious addresses in Beverly Hills.

The tale in all its gory grimness was the cover story that week in “Do you live in Beverly Hills? ”He told me the name of his street, which was every bit as prestigious as Elm Drive. In that age group, a few years makes an enormous difference.“A terrible thing,” I said.“Yeah,” he replied.

It is rumored that Abramson and Chaleff are each being paid 0,000.