Hp updating ram

03-May-2016 18:02

hp updating ram-29

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Each screw is the same size, so don't worry about having them separated.The tiny screws can be a tad annoying to remove, but a magnetic screwdriver makes life much easier.With the screws removed, you can lift off the back plate.I was able to grab at the slots where the screws went to lift it off, but a pry tool on the side or a suction cup in the middle will do the job if you have trouble.Once the bottom plate is removed, set it aside and you're onto the next step.You'll notice a metal frame protecting the internals of the computer that's again secured by a variety of screws.There's just one screw in three of the corners, with the fourth corner using two screws.Remove all of the screws, careful not to drop them on the sensitive electronics inside, and set them in a safe place. With the screws removed, we now have one more step before the metal plate can be removed.

You just want to separate the tape from the plate, leaving the other end attached to the inside wall.

As you take the feet off, put them aside in the same order they're on the bottom to ease the process of replacing them when we're done.

Once the feet are gone, remove the four screws in the slots.

You'll notice two pieces of strong conductive tape on the sides holding the panel in.

You'll want to lift off one of the two pieces so that the plate can hinge off.Read along and see our step-by-step instructions for the upgrade process.

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