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King John confirmed that "Johannes Briewerr" held "terram q fuit Willi de Danmartincum Galiena filia eiusdem" by charter dated .

The Testa de Nevill includes a writ of King John dated 1212 which records that King Henry I granted "Mendlesh" in Suffolk to "Odoni de Danmartin" and that it was then held by "Robertode Burgatecum uxore sua heredi Willelmi de Danmartin".

It is more likely that Odoni de Danmartin in this document was Eudes [I] than Eudes [II] as the property in question passed to descendants of Manasses, son of Eudes [I], not to Eudes [II] and his descendants.] .

There is no proof that she was the mother of all the children of Eudes [I].

It is not clear from this extract whether Alanus was another brother of Manasss and Aubrey.

The order of the witness names suggests that Manasss was older than his brother Aubrey.

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Odo de Dan Martin son of Odo de Dan Martin donated land in Chertehamme which is of my fee of Tunrugge and..Chepstede...[and] of Mecheleham to Lewes St.

Maybe the document is a later conflation of earlier charters.] He succeeded his father in [1178/79]: the 1178/79 Pipe Roll records "Bartholomeus de Dammartin" liable in respect of terre patris sui in Norfolk and Suffolk.