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The release for the BBC Micro plays the opening line of "2001: A Space Odyssey" when you enter a new Highscore.The original Spectrum version counts the fence as a mine but the BBC Micro version corrects this mistake.The grid for each level is 19x30 of which 17x30 contains mines.Starting on Level 2 each grid has two female worms waiting to be rescued.This was a black and white computer with 1kb of memory, able to display 24x32 characters.Ian taught himself how to program in BASIC and started writing games as a hobby.As Ian explained to this website, "The game came to be as the spectrum had a character based screen when working in basic - and it seemed to lend itself to a logic type puzzle." The original version had a single level, with the game using the full 24x32 screen but the minefield being 19x30 due to space for messages and the fence surrounding the minefield.Beta testing was performed by his mother, and once she mastered the game he decided it needed more levels.

The object of the game is to safely cross a mine field.

Level 4 introduces a Bug, which is a mine with legs that follows your path. On Level 6 your path starts disappearing behind you, making it very difficult to remember solved mine locations.

If you successfully finish Level 9 you rescue Bill the Worm.

Mined-Out is a computer game written by Ian Andrew in 1983 for Quicksilva, released for the ZX Spectrum computer.

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The player attempts to cross a field of hidden mines using numbers as hints.In April 1982 the colour ZX Spectrum 48k was released and he quickly purchased machine number 638.

If they choose to be visible, they’ll appear as an ‘Actionmoji’ on their friends’ maps.… continue reading »

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Israeli police detained 15 suspected Jewish extremists following an undercover investigation into a group accused of tracking down and threatening Arab men dating Jewish women, authorities said Sunday.… continue reading »

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Es gibt wohl keinen Weinfreund, dem das “tiffanyblaue” Etikett nicht bekannt ist und der noch nie einen echten Weil im Glas hatte. In der Zwischenzeit ein Wort, das auf der Stelle Speichelfluss bei mir auslöst.… continue reading »

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